The Software Guys!

With a computer science background from Carnegie Mellon and years of software experience between us,
we are confident in our ability to deliver world-class products directly to you.

Jacob Hoffman, CEO

Jacob Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Jacob took a variety advanced technical courses, such as Graduate Machine Learning, Operating Systems, and Digital Signal Processing as well as served as a graduate level teaching assistant. Jacob's previous software engineering work was with General Motors.

Jacob's hobbies include playing chess, boxing, and staying involved with his local Jewish community organizations.

Jacob co-founded Greenstar Group with Oliver and is full-time with the company.

Oliver Terrell, COO

Oliver studied Cognitive Neuroscience and Business at Carnegie Mellon University. He competed in Varsity Football and Varsity Track & Field, where he met Jacob. Oliver's previous software engineering work was with Uncommoncore, a differentiated learning platform utilizing machine learning for automatic grading and progression of students.

Oliver's hobbies include cooking, hiking with his dog Zoe, and staying involved with the fitness, health & wellness community.

Oliver co-founded Greenstar Group with Jacob and is full-time with the company.

Community Backing

Greenstar Group Inc. is a member of Carnegie Mellon's Project Olympus incubator. This startup fund has resources and backing with a track record of success in skyrocketing the growth of promising young companies.